Ease Your Back Pain In the Most Ridiculous Looking Way Possible With This Discounted Inversion Table


Teeter Inversion Table | $240 | Amazon

Although it looks exactly like a leg stretching medieval torture device, this Teeter Inversion Table can actually be quite helpful for those who suffer from back pain, sciatica, herniated discs, and more. Today, you can get this normally-$349+ table for just $240, if you don’t mind getting a blemished one.

Even for those without back injuries, this table can be used to amp up your workout, by allowing for more range of motion and thus deeper stretching. The table features a lumbar bridge, acupressure nodes, and secure ankle cups so you don’t fall off.

This deal will only last through the end of day or until the product sells out, so pick it up before the price flips back.


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