Light Up Your Life With These Refurbished Philips Hue Products


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Refurb Philips Hue Sale | Woot

If you can get over the fact that they’re refurbished (and they’re, uh, light bulbs, so it shouldn’t be too difficult), today Woot has some of terrific Philips Hue deals.

If you’re just starting your collection, $73 for a four-bulb starter kit with a hub is absolutely ludicrous. That would currently set you back $108 new, and this sold for $150 for a long time. If you already have a Hue setup, but you’ve been itching to install some smart, recessed strip lighting, you can get the Hue LightStrip Plus for just $60. Unfortunately Woot’s sale excludes the RGB bulbs.

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Just remember, these prices are only valid today, and the best stuff will probably sell out early, so don’t let the lights go out on this deal.



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