How Do I (Cheaply) Maximize My Closet Space?


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Buy Committee, Ohio’s (newest) favorite son and dealmaster Shep McAllister needs your help with his closet.

I just moved into a new condo, and its closets are fairly small and dated. Organizationally, there’s not much in there except for a few wooden hanger rods. I was looking at the Container Store Elfa closet shelving system, but it’s so expensive. Are there any good alternatives?

So, Buy Committee (that’s you), scroll down to the comments to share how you organized your closet. Help Shep decide how to tackle his new home’s closet.

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Shep, you did edit this right? I mean, start there for some sweet ideas. The Simple Houseware Adjustable Closet Hanging Rod seems like it’d be pretty helpful. Otherwise, I’d start with an AmazonBasics closet organization search. They’re admirable stand-ins for brand name gear.

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