The Most Stylish Men’s Finds in the Zappos Birthday Sale


You won’t find me putting this in their birthday card, but let’s just get this out of the way now: Zappos is not cool. They’re massive, yes. Great customer service? Absolutely. But for a retail site where you can find Salvatore Ferragamo crown bit loafers next to a pair of Skechers, the quantity-forward selection can feel overwhelming to shop. They’re selling everything they can get their hands on, and it shows.

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Zappos’ 20th Birthday Sale Features Over 85,000 Deals on Footwear From Nike, Cole Haan, Ugg, and…

Birthday Sale | Zappos | Promo code BDAY20 for extra 20% off select items.

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Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying I’m cool. Just this morning, I made a “Cash me…inside this bed!” joke because I was supposed to go on a run while it poured outside. It was not well-received.

But I know how to edit! So the team and I did the work of digging through hundreds of pages of product to find you not only the best deals from Zappos’ 20th birthday sale, but the most stylish ones too.

Looking for the best buys for women? Check out our picks here.

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The Best Buys For Women’s From Zappos’ 20th Birthday Sale

Hello, fellow women. It’s us: Chelsea and Ana, the ladies of The Inventory staff. And we’re here to …

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Steve Madden Adoro slip-on sneakers, $64

With a woven leather upper, these Steve Madden sneakers already look more expensive than they actually are. At 29% off, they become even harder to resist. So just give in already!

CARLOS by Carlos Santana chelsea boots, $59

Here’s a sentence I never thought I’d write…but don’t sleep on smooth jam master Carlos Santana’s casually elegant footwear. He’s like the celebrity men’s answer to Jessica Simpson (true story: every woman you know owns a pair of her shoes and is obsessed with how comfortable they are, even if she’s not willing to admit it).

Magnanni Ezra double monk straps, $252

When a luxe as hell pair of dress shoes like this is half off, well, you buy them.

Canali suede loafer, $223


Athletic Propulsion Labs Techloom Breeze, $60

If you’re not afraid of a little hi-vis color for your feet, you really can’t beat this deal. 70% off the Techloom Breeze from cool kid sneaker brand APL. The style runs a bit narrow, but once your foot’s in, the snug feel is surprisingly comfortable.

Kenneth Cole stacked dress shoe, $86

This navy pair of dress shoes with a rubber sole may be a little more trendy than what you’d usually go for, meaning when they’re on sale is the perfect time to pull the trigger. Wear them with a pair of charcoal trousers with no break (and sans socks) and a knit polo for a stylish end of summer vibe.

Polo Ralph Lauren pool slides, $43

You may remember this tartan pair of pool slides from a roundup back in June and now here they are. On sale. We’re going to take it as a serendipitous gift to you, the reader, from the universe, rather than a negative reflection on our taste level.

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Pool Slides: They’re Not Just for Swim Team Practice Anymore

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Bugatchi swim trunks, $53

Don’t forget that Zappos sells more than just shoes. This pair of Bugatchi swim trunks would be a perfect purchase to distract yourself from the sad fact that summer’s more than half over. Oh, now you’re thinking about that, aren’t you? Yeah, sorry. My bad…

Richer Poorer grey crewneck sweatshirt, $48

Team SG has opined on our love of grey crewneck sweatshirts before. If you’re ready to drink the crewneck Kool-aid with us, this Richer Poorer style is ringing up at under fifty bucks during Zappos’ birthday sale. Its garment-dyed French terry cotton lends a super-soft, broken-in feel you’ll love.

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Nike SB anorak, $55

As someone who always wanted to be that girl from the episode of MTV’s Made that became a skateboarder, I’m a totally (lame) fan of the Nike skateboarding line. Thankfully, you don’t have to learn how to bust a kickflip (lol please don’t let me know if that’s even a thing or not) to sport this anorak with style.

Joe’s Jeans Brixton Straight and Narrow jean, $98

At nearly 50% off, this pair of designer denim will convert you to jeans that (generally) ring up at three figures.



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