Upgrade Your Home Gym With This AmazonBasics Sale on Woot


AmazonBasics Fitness Assortment | WootGraphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

AmazonBasics Fitness Assortment | Woot

Does anyone need some kettlebells? A yoga mat? Are you extra fancy and use those pushup handles that rotate? If you’ve been looking to upgrade or add to your gym at home, you’re in luck. You can grab a bunch of fitness items from AmazonBasics during today’s sale on Woot. You can choose from a 10-pound, 45-pound, or 50-pound kettlebell, depending on how intense you’d like your workouts to be. If you’re into pilates, you can get the resistance training Magic Ring Circles.

Just remember, these deals are for today only, or while supplies last.

Source: https://kinjadeals.theinventory.com/upgrade-your-home-gym-with-this-amazonbasics-sale-on-wo-1836723606


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