Load Up on Discounted Mott & Bow Denim and Tees


20% Off Marcy Tees | Mott & Bow | Promo code MARCAUG19
25% Off Driggs Tees (Select Colors) | Mott & Bow | Promo code 4COLORSAUG19
$30 Off Leroy Jeans | Mott & Bow | Promo code ANNAUG19
$25 Off Ann Jeans | Mott & Bow | Promo code LEAUG29ROY

Good ol’ jeans and a T-shirt is one outfit that will never go out of style, and right now, you can snag discounts on both of these items from beloved D2C apparel brand Mott & Bow. Now hold on to your butts; a bunch of promo codes are coming your way.

Ladies can use promo code MARCAUG19 to get 20% off Marcy tees. Meanwhile, guys can snag a Driggs tee in either sand, navy, lemon, or plum colors for 25% off with promo code 4COLORSAUG19. If new jeans are more your speed, several styles are also marked down. For women, Ann jeans are $25 off with promo code ANNAUG19, and for the guys, Leroy styles are $30 off with promo code LEAUG29ROY.

Unfortunately, these coupon codes are not stackable, so if you want to score to deals on both jeans and tees, you’ll have to do two separate transactions (and pay two separate shipping fees—unless you spend more than $150, in which case, shipping is free). But hey, that’s a small price to pay for good style.

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