Smartwool Intraknit Review and Availability


Graphic: Shep McAllister

What if Smartwool…for your entire body? The legendary merino wool sock experts want to keep you cozy this winter with the new Intraknit base layer collection for men and women.

Intraknit isn’t Smartwool’s first foray into base layers, but it is the first to utilize the company’s specialized new 3D knitting technique. Ten years in the making, Intraknit allows Smartwool to transition from thicker insulation zones (where your body needs more warmth) to ribbed reinforcement zones at your joints, to cooler venting zones in places where your body sweats the most, all without adding any bulky panels. The fabric transitions seamlessly from one zone to the next, creating a flexible, body-mapped fit without any unnecessary bulk.

Pictured: A mesh armpit zone, and a reinforced elbow, no extra panels required. Pictured: A mesh armpit zone, and a reinforced elbow, no extra panels required. Photo: Shep McAllister

As you’d expect from Smartwool, Intraknit is incredibly comfortable, and the merino wool blend is simultaneously warm, breathable, and soft to the touch. It’s like a hug that you wear. Smartwool claims it’s perfect for all your sweatiest cold weather activities, since it’ll keep you warm in all the right places, without letting you get too damp or stuffy. We’re deep in second summer right now, so I can’t say I’ve been able to wear it out into the snow just yet, but it definitely feels designed for movement, with no tugging at the knees or elbows.

The first handful of Intraknit products are available now exclusively through REI, and come in both 200 (midweight) and 250 (thermal) gram thickness, depending on your climate. They don’t come cheap, starting at $120 per piece, but if you do a lot of exercising during the winter, it’s hard to imagine a better base layer to invest in.