Take Advantage of Big Savings on the Tiny, But Powerful FOREO LUNA Mini 2


FOREO LUNA Mini 2 | $118 | AmazonGraphic: Chelsea Stone

FOREO LUNA Mini 2 | $118 | Amazon

Summer is especially tough on skin, so treat your face right with this FOREO LUNA Mini 2, now down to $118 on Amazon. This small-but-mighty scrubbing machine removes makeup, dirt, and oil from your pores with the help of soothing pulsations and a silicone brush. We’ve tried the full-size version before and loved it, but hey, bigger doesn’t always mean better.


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FOREO LUNA 2: The Electric Toothbrush For Your Face

I’ve noticed Foreo products in passing for years and thought, “Weird that I’m getting remarketed a…

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