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An L.L. Bean sale, Sony A7 III, Amazon Music HD, and a BodyBoss discount lead of Tuesday’s best deals from around the web.

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Today’s Best Tech Deals

TCL’s affordable 6-series TVs are famous for offering every form of HDR (including top-shelf Dolby Vision), local dimming zones for better contrast and black levels, and even excellent Roku software. So if you want to upgrade for all of the new fall TV shows, or just your nightly Netflix coma, the 65″ is down to $460 right now, if you can live with a refurb of last year’s model.

$460 is a really good price for just about any 65″ TV, let alone one with local dimming and Dolby Vision. It also comes with a 90 day warranty to ease your concerns, in case anything’s extra wonky.

Article preview thumbnail

TCL Made Its Terrifically Cheap 4K TV Even Better

It seemed unbelievable last year, when a handful of TV companies started selling 4K TVs with HDR…

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Anker’s diminutive Soundcore Mini 2 Bluetooth speakers aren’t going to knock your socks off, but they punch above their weight in terms of sound quality and features, and you can get two of them for $35 with promo code KINJAB3107.

Why two? In addition to just using them as two separate and distinct speakers, you can also choose to pair them to each other for true stereo sound from a single audio source. There are lots of speakers that do that these days, but not many of them are this small or this affordable.

You also get IPX78 water-resistance, Anker’s BassUp mode for enhanced low ends on demand, and even a surprisingly robust 15 hours of battery life.


From amazonUse code KINJAB3107

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Anker’s portable projectors are pretty great on-the-go cinemas, but as we’ve covered before, there’s a yawning gap between the company’s original Nebula Capsule and the new Nebula Capsule II and Capsule Max. A new mid-range entry in the line aims to change that.

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Anker’s Nebula Capsule II Portable Projector Is Brighter, Sharper and Smarter, For a Price

Anker’s original Nebula Capsule ushered in a sea change in the nascent portable projector market.…

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Eschewing the can-shaped design of the rest of the capsules in favor of a more rectangular profile, the Nebula Apollo is essentially an original Nebula Capsule, but with the Capsule II’s 200 ANSI lumens of brightness, compared to the Capsule’s 100. It has the same (somewhat outdated) Android OS, the same 480p standard definition sensor, and the same connections and screen mirroring support. The picture quality won’t blow anyone away, but it’s perfectly sufficient for an outdoor movie, and the added brightness should go a long way towards making the image pop.

At its $380 MSRP, it’s priced right between the $300 Capsule and the $470 Capsule Max with its 720p sensor, but for a limited time, you can get it for $330 at launch with promo code APOLLOGO.


From amazonUse code APOLLOGO

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Sony is the maker of the most innovative, best cameras on the market, and right now you can pick up the Sony a7 III for $200 less, with and without the kit lens.

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Sony’s New $2000 A7 III Might Mean My Panasonic GH5 Is Trash Now

Sony just announced a brand new, super cheap (for what it is) full-frame mirrorless camera that…

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As a full-frame mirrorless camera, it’s both more portable than your standard DSLR but with the same power. While it won’t shoot as quickly as the a7 RIII or pack as many pixels, only the most persnickety of shooters can really tell the difference.

For most people, the a7 III captures the best parts of the a7 RIII but at a fraction of the cost. And while it’s still a little pricey at $1,800 and $2,000 respectively, those who know what it’s capable of, know what a great value this is.


From amazon

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And not for nothing, but I’d suggest going with the body-only option and skip the kit lens. Instead pick up the $200 nifty-fifty and get that sexy bokeh.


From amazon

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You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to enjoy the benefits of noise canceling headphones: These TaoTronics noise canceling over-ears are down to just $23 (twenty three dollars!) today with promo code UQ8LNL7F when you also clip the $5 coupon on the page.

I’ve actually tried these, and while the ANC isn’t as impressive as what you’d get from Sony or Bose, it definitely works, especially against consistent noises like fans or airplane engines. They’re also extremely comfortable, and fold up for easy storage. $23 is an absolute steal, is what I’m saying, and they’d make a fine gift as well.


From amazonUse code UQ8LNL7F

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The wall charger that came with your phone just doesn’t cut it while traveling these days. In addition to probably being slow as hell, you likely have at least two or three USB-powered devices that you’ll want to charge every night while you sleep.

Luckily, Anker stuffed four USB ports and 40W of power into a tiny travel charger (with folding AC prongs!), and you can get it for $21 today on Amazon, which is within a couple of bucks off the best price we’ve seen, no promo code required.

Right now, this AUKEY 36W USB-C PD car charger can be yours for just $10. Just clip the coupon code on the page and you’ll get the best price on this super helpful accessory. This particular plug offers fast, 18W charging through its USB-C and standard USB port.


From amazon

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Today’s Best Home Deals

If you’re running low on your pet’s prescription food, it is time to add the biggest bag of Hill’s Science Diet to your cart. Right now, when you use the promo code NEWPD, you can get 20% off first order of a Hill’s Prescription Diet item. There is a limit of one discount per customer.

Class up your home bar with this $20 globe decanter. Just clip the coupon code on the page to get the best price. I’d jump on this quickly, I’m not sure how long this discount will last.


From amazon

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Update: This is the last week of this deal, so sign up while you can.

It’s back! One of Butcher Box’s most popular welcome offers is hitting the griddle once again, and new customers can get two pounds of free ground beef added to every box for the life of their membership. That’s like eight free burgers every month, or a bunch of tacos, or a big bowl of spaghetti and meatballs. Just don’t forget the spicy ketchup.

Article preview thumbnail

Texas’s Favorite Condiment Belongs On French Fries In All 50 States

I’ll slather my burgers in mustard in a heartbeat, and if I’m eating a chicken finger basket, I’ll…

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Your bonus beef come bundled with any of Butcher Box’s pre-selected boxes, which are priced at $129 for 24 servings, or $238 for 48 servings, delivered every 30 or 60 days. For a nominal surcharge, you can also build a completely custom box, with your choices of proteins.

Note: You’ll have to enter your email at the beginning of the process. I know, it’s annoying.

With a whopping 900 lumens of brightness, a rechargeable battery, a zoomable beam, and IP65 dust and water resistance, Anker’s LC90 flashlight is enough flashlight for just about everyone. And with those specs, it’s a steal at $20, down from the usual $28.

To give you a little context about the brightness here, your smartphone’s flashlight probably puts out about 40-60 lumens. Again, this has 900. Don’t look directly at it.


From amazon

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What’s better than a smart plug that only covers one power outlet? Two smart plugs that only cover one outlet, of course. This thin smart plug from Aukey incorporates two different outlets, and you can control them both independently with your phone or your favorite voice assistant. Just use promo code 526DKE54 at checkout to get it for $12.


From amazonUse code 526DKE54

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Decent robotic vacuums have been knocking on the sub-$100 door for awhile, but today’s Amazon Gold Box is one of the first times we’ve seen then break through that impulse buy barrier.

Three different models from Coredy are included in the sale, starting at $96 for a basic model with impressive 1400pA suction. For just $4 more, you can step up to a model that can also mop hard floors, or you can get a more powerful vacuum with included boundary strips (to keep it away from cords, pet water bowls, and the like) for $138. All three deals are only available today, and could sell out early, so lock in your order before they’re all hoovered up.


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From amazon

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It might look like something Rey would wear while scouring for spare parts on Jakku, but this neck wrap is actually a travel pillow, and a great one at that.

Article preview thumbnail

Trtl Makes Sleeping On Planes Less of a Pain in the Neck

Most travel pillows are either bulky rings of memory foam or inflatable innertubes, but Trtl is a…

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The Trtl pillow uses a hidden ribs to support your neck as you doze off in your tiny coach airline seat. Just wrap Trtl around your neck, placing the ribs on whichever side you want to lay your head (including directly under your chin) pop on some noise-cancelling headphones, and try your darnedest to get some shut-eye.

In case it wasn’t obvious, the big advantage of this design is size; Trtl weighs less than 1/3 of a pound, can attach to your luggage, and is far less bulky than a memory foam pillow. Right now, you can get the pillow for an all-time low of $19 today at Woot.

Normally, you pay a premium to buy snacks in single-serve bags, but that’s not really the case with a couple of deals on Amazon today. You can get 40 bags of Sun Chips (in three flavors) for $10, or a 40-pack of various Lays snacks for $9. In both cases, you’ll need to clip the 30% coupon and use Subscribe & Save to maximize your savings.

I got the Sun Chips myself, and it’s going to take a tremendous amount of willpower to only eat one bag at a time.


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From amazon

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If your front or backyard is in need some deep TLC, you need to shop Home Depot’s sale of up to 25% off select outdoor tools and equipment. The sale includes a ton of Sun Joe products, like pressure washers, lawnmowers, screwdrivers, generators, as well as Gorilla Carts, and more.

It’s about to start getting colder out, but anxiety is always in season. In addition to keeping you warm, a weighted blanket can work wonders for your anxiety, and several different models are on sale for the first day of fall, for some of the best prices we’ve ever seen.

Article preview thumbnail

This 15 Pound Blanket Helped Rewire My Brain

Anxiety is like an incredibly annoying little brother. It is antagonistic, frustrating, and…

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The secret to these deals is that they’re two deals in one. For all four blankets, you’ll want to clip the $10 coupon on the page, and then use the blanket-specific promo code at checkout to save even more. $41 for a 15 pounder is a stellar deal, but I’d probably pay $12 more for the 20 pounder. I want my weighted blankets to break ribs.


From amazonUse code TN2RDHV7

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From amazonUse code PTC8HRD3

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From amazonUse code RKQMFG4T

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From amazonUse code SMZ4HBP6

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Do you find that you need time to unwind after a long day? Do yourself a huge favor and get a TaoTronics Mini Essential Oil Diffuser. It is only $7 on Amazon when you use promo code WK2J3SOP. You can use this with your favorite essential oils to destress. Or, it can be used to eliminate unwanted pet and smoking odors.

If the brand name TaoTronics sounds familiar, that’s because we write about them a lot since our readers lover to buy their headphones. Their noise-canceling headphones are only $23 right now.

Article preview thumbnail

You’re Not Hearing Things: These Surprisingly Decent Noise Canceling Headphones Are Just $23

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to enjoy the benefits of noise canceling headphones:…

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From amazonUse code WK2J3SOP

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From amazon

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Today’s Best Lifestyle Deals

New season, new shoes—and clothes, and bags, and accessories. Zappos is celebrating the end of summer by marking down over 6,000 items for men and women from some of your favorite brands, including Cole Haan, Adidas, Nike, Sperry, PUMA, and much, much more. Use promo code ENDOFSUMMER to score 20% off at checkout, and clear your schedule now: You’ll need to set aside some time to sort through all these deals.

Article preview thumbnail

Cole Haan’s Newest, Lightest ZERØGRANDs Aren’t Afraid to Make a Statement

We’re longtime fans of Cole Haan’s ZERØGRANDs here at The Inventory, and as such, we’ve been…

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Stuart Weitzman makes famously reliable, trendy shoes that are well worth their typically high price tag, but today, the brand’s boots, heels, flats, sandals, and sneakers are marked down significantly at Nordstrom Rack. Take advantage of hundreds of dollars off a new pair, and set foot into the new season with some fancy new footwear.

If you’re in need of some chill vibes, why not give CBD a try? Acclaimed CBD purveyor Sunday Scaries is taking 25% off sitewide, so you can stock up your CBD stores with everything from gummies (both vegan and non), tinctures, candy, and even energy shots. Use promo code SEPTEMBER25 to apply the discount to your order, and get ready to feel calm as hell.

Article preview thumbnail

Do Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies Live Up To the Hype? 

My first encounter with CBD was in its oil form. I was heading to Palm Springs with my dog nephew,…

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We know Bean Boots are amazing in the snow, but you can start using them right now in the rain as well. Today and tomorrow only, Save 20% on a variety of L.L. Bean’s most popular boots, as well as select raincoats with promo code SPLASH20. There are a ton of styles available, so there’s no reason why you can’t be fashionable when it’s gross out.

Article preview thumbnail

Your Best Men’s Snow Boots Are From L.L. Bean

The nominations for your favorite men’s snow boots are in, and it was basically a blizzard of L.L.…

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BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0 With Extra Bands | $119 | Amazon

We don’t all have an extra room in our homes to use as a gym, but the BodyBoss 2.0 is a flexible, resistance band-based system that can simulate almost any gym workout in even a tiny apartment. It raised over $1,000,000 through crowdfunding, and now, you can buy it from Amazon for the best price we’ve ever seen.

The deal is available for sets with two and four included bands, but the four-band set is only $1 more, and doubling the bands means doubling your resistance, so I’d probably get that one unless it sells out (and BodyBoss deals always sell out).


From amazon

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From amazon

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It may not be sexy or fun, but buying this $5 Rayovac lantern may be the most responsible thing you do today. In case of a power outage, or if you need a light when you go camping this fall, this particular LED lantern can run for nearly 45 hours. This 10 LED unit includes a battery and floats.

Better still, it comes with a lifetime warranty. There’s really no reason to exclude this from your garage.


From amazon

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If you want something a little brighter and more feature-packed, this Striker waterproof lantern is also discounted to an all-time low. With this $12 model, you have three brightness options and an easy way to attach it to the top of your tent.


From amazon

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If you’re gearing up for fall fitness, you’ll want to check out Nike’s site, where 1,500+ styles are currently marked down. Just use promo code SPRINT to save up to 25% at checkout.

This sale seems like a solid mix of apparel and shoes, but if you’re looking for stuff suited to a particular sport, just use the sidebar to filter by product type, and you can surely find something to fit your wardrobe. This sale ends on Thursday, but the best stuff could sell out early, so you should sprint, not walk over to Nike.

It’s time to reset your wardrobe for the upcoming new season. Luckily, PUMA is having an End of Season Sale with 50% off over 300 items with promo code FALL50. This sale is full of athleisure and sneakers, so let’s just say your wardrobe will look like it’s ready to hit the gym, even if you aren’t.

If you’re big into camping, you’ll want to pitch a tent at Backcountry’s sale on sleep gear, happening now. Outdoor adventurers can save up to 50% on tons of sleep systems, including sleeping bags, sleeping pads, tents, and pillows. So stock up now, and start setting your sights on that campsite.

Second Summer might be upon us, but it is technically Fall! If you’re ready to stock your closet for cooler weather, you’re in luck. Right now, you can get new Premium Fall Oxford Dress Shirts for $35 to $40 from Jachs. These shirts are currently between $54 and $60 off when you use promo code OXGMG at checkout.

If you were waiting for the first official day of fall to begin celebrating Halloween, it is showtime. Don’t wait until the last minute to get your costume this year. Right now, you can get 20% off your first Costume Order at Spirit Halloween when you enter promo code TAKE20 at checkout. You can dress up as a Sanderson sister, your favorite Fortnite player, a character from Stranger Things, Pennywise, and more.

Today’s Best Media Deals

90 Days FREE | Amazon Music HD | New Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers only90 Days FREE | Amazon Music HD | New Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers onlyScreenshot: Amazon

Amazon Music HD is coming after Tidal with 50 million songs in 850kbps lossless format (compared to the standard 320kbps bitrate), and millions of select tunes in Hi-Res 3730kbps. If you’ve got the ear to detect the difference, and the equipment to take advantage, you can get your first three months of the service for free, if you’re a new Amazon Music Unlimited subscriber.

Interestingly, this deal is valid on both individual and family memberships, and once your 90 day trial is up, you’ll automatically be renewed at $15/month for individuals ($13 for Prime members) or $20/month for the family plan, unless you preemptively cancel.

Today’s Best Gaming Deals

If you love board games, you owe it to yourself to buy Betrayal Legacy, especially when it’s on sale.

Article preview thumbnail

Betrayal Legacy Is Long-Form Board Gaming At Its Best

Betrayal at House On the Hill is a modern classic board game that’s different every time you play…

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The game is the Legacy version of the popular Betrayal at House on the Hill, and takes place before the events of the original game, fleshing out its backstory while giving you the freedom to craft that story through your play.


From amazon

1266 bought by readersGMG may get a commission

Here’s what Eric Ravenscraft had to say about the game on The Inventory:

With each successive chapter, you unlock new rules, discover new secrets, and unfold the tale of the world’s most haunted mansion. Legacy games in general have a sense of permanence to them. You’ll have to destroy certain cards or make permanent alterations that might make the obsessive game collector cringe.

What you’re left with at the end, though, is a tale (and a game) that’s thoroughly yours. Once you’ve finished the story chapters, the game can be played as much as you want just like a normal Betrayal game. Your copy will have unique traits that no other copy has. And now, you know the deep and disturbing history of every tile, every item, and every body haunting the house on the hill.

$54 is about $6 less than the usual going rate over the last few months, and within $5 of the best deal we’ve seen. It includes a prologue and 13 chapters, each of which should take about 75 minutes to play through. And once you’re done with the Legacy campaign, you’ll be left with a fully functional (but totally unique to you) Betrayal game that you can continue to play.


From amazon

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Nintendo Labo Variety Kit | $30 | Amazon
Nintendo Labo Robot Kit | $30 | Best Buy

Labo is Nintendo at its weird, wonderful best. The cardboard Variety Kit can turn your Nintendo Switch into a fishing pole, a motorcycle, a piano, and more fun toys. Again, this is cardboard!

Article preview thumbnail

We Tried Nintendo Labo And Mostly Like It A Lot

I spent a couple of hours messing around with Nintendo’s bold new Labo project today, and I was…

Read more Read

So if you have a Switch and you have a kid (that second part is optional; it’s okay to play with this yourself), $30 is a solid 50% discount on the Variety Kit, and the Robot Kit, which literally turns your Switch into a freakin’ mech suit, is also on sale for $30 at Best Buy.

From amazon

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Nintendo’s AA Joy-Con battery grips allow your controllers to run for longer on a charge, yes. But just as importantly, they make them a lot more comfortable to hold. Get a set for just $10, and throw a few rechargeable AAs in your cart while you’re at it.


From amazon

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Hauck Batman Batmobile Ride-On Pedal Go-Kart | $89 | Amazon and WalmartHauck Batman Batmobile Ride-On Pedal Go-Kart | $89 | Amazon and Walmart

Ever look at a toy and think to yourself, “why didn’t I have this when I was younger?”

Well, I got that feeling when I saw this Hauck Batman Batmobile Ride-On Pedal Go-Kart. I don’t know the first thing about parenting but if you don’t get your kid this, you’re a bad parent…as bad of a parent as Bruce Wayne. I mean, look at it! It’s the Batmobile in Go-Kart form!


From amazon

3 bought by readersGMG may get a commission

Your kid would be the talk of the playground. Or at least, the PTA meeting where they discuss your kid being a hazard to everyone’s Achilles heel. Appropriate for kids 3-7 years-old, this go-kart is the best, dumbest thing since naming a character Jean-Paul Valley.





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Deals You May Have Missed

Amazon’s Echo Wall Clock is a revelation for the specific (but I think quite large!) subset of people who:

1) Use Alexa timers in the kitchen with some regularity.


2) Don’t have an Echo Show with a screen built in.

Just pop in some batteries, hang the clock, and a ring of LEDs will automatically count down the minutes and final 60 seconds of any timer you set with your voice. It’s elegant, seamless, and I can’t stand how much I love the thing.

Article preview thumbnail

I Hate How Much I Like Amazon’s Echo Wall Clock

Kitchen timers have to be the single most common use-case for Echo smart speakers, and yet, they’re …

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It came out late last year for $30, but it just got a rare discount to $25. The clock is ticking on this deal though, so don’t waste any time.


From amazon

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Anker’s PowerCore+ 26800 was one of the first USB-C PD battery packs to hit the market, and to this day is one of the only ones that includes a 30W USB-C wall charger to recharge it (or any of your other gadgets).

Article preview thumbnail

Anker’s New Battery Pack Is One of the First With USB-C Power Delivery

Ever since laptops and game consoles started launching with USB-C charging, the promise to…

Read more Read

At its usual ~$130, it’s a bit overpriced in this day and age, but it’s a solid investment at $68, an all-time low. The aluminum shell is durable and feels premium, and the 30W USB-C port is powerful enough to charge most laptops, albeit slower than their included wall chargers.

That gets you the battery, the wall charger, and two different chards for recharging: a microUSB cable and a USB-C cable that can charge all 26,800mAh of the battery in just 4.5 hours with the included charging brick.


From amazon

2623 bought by readersGMG may get a commission

Don’t need quite that much capacity or power? Check out RAVPower’s 10,000mAh battery with an 18W USB-C port for just $19.

Article preview thumbnail

This $19 USB-C Battery Pack Is Perfect For Phones, Tablets, and Switches

RAVPower 10000mAh USB-C PD Battery Pack | $19 | Amazon

Read more Read

The first USB-C battery packs were all gigantic things that were designed for situations like keeping a laptop powered up during a long flight, and indeed, those are great!

But lately, we’ve seen a proliferation of smaller, less powerful, and significantly cheaper USB-C PD packs like this one from RAVPower, just $19 today on Amazon. We’ve had it a few bucks cheaper as part of an exclusive, but this is still an excellent price for what you’re getting.

Article preview thumbnail

Anker’s Fast-Charging USB-C to Lightning Cable Is Finally Here

A few years ago, Apple started adding USB-C fast charging support to its iPhones (iPhone 8 and…

Read more Read

Its 18W USB-C port can’t charge a MacBook at full speed (though it can usually maintain its current battery level as long as you aren’t playing games or exporting video), but it’s enough power to charge a Nintendo Switch while you play Zelda at 40,000 feet, or your iPhone at the fastest possible speed before you land (with a compatible Lightning cable). For a lot of us, that’s exactly what we need out of this sort of thing.


From amazon

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This is a single-use basket, and that use is record storage. Don’t even think about using it to store magazines—or anything else for that matter. Don’t you dare.


From amazon

187 bought by readersGMG may get a commission

Article preview thumbnail

10 Different Ways To Store (and Display) Your Vinyl Records

iPods killed CDs. Spotify killed paying for music. Video killed the radio star. Then, to the…

Read more Read

Do you have an Echo Dot in your home and no place for it to go? If you’re short on space, something as small as the Dot can get in the way. If you want to get it off your counter or dresser, you can buy one Echo Dot Wall Mount for $8 or a two-pack for $11 on Amazon when you use the promo code YP7EYXXD.


From amazonUse code YP7EYXXD

GMG may get a commission


From amazonUse code YP7EYXXD

49 bought by readersGMG may get a commission

Happy first day of fall! While it might still be warm outside, cold and flu season is right around the corner. Do yourself a favor before you get sick, snag 12 boxes of Kleenex Professional Facial Tissue for $15. This giant box of 1,500-count tissues is ideal for teachers who need to restock their classroom, people who work in offices, and well, any human whoever goes outside during cold and flu season.


From amazon

154 bought by readersGMG may get a commission

Most airtight food containers have a lid on top, which means there’s still a lot of excess air in the container, slowly degrading the freshness of your food. Prepara’s Evak containers though let you push the lid down the cylinder as you take food out, pushing out excess air along the way. It keeps your food fresh, and looks cool to boot.

The “small tall” size is down to $8, within about a buck of an all-time low. If it keeps just a single bag of coffee from going bad, it’ll have paid for itself.


From amazon

282 bought by readersGMG may get a commission

Everyone poops. Which means literally everyone could use Poo-Pourri Toilet Sprays, now on sale at Ulta for 2 for $15. If you’ve somehow never come across Poo-Pourri before, you’re supposed to spritz this unassuming (all-natural, essential oil) spray into the bowl before doing your business, thus masking any stench with a less offensive smell. And before you shit all over this deal, consider that you could also give it away as a gag gift to ensure you won’t gag upon entering the bathroom again.

Looking to bag a new bag this season? Coach is taking 30% off orders of $400+ and 20% off orders less than $400 with promo code FALL19. The sale event includes a variety of trendy handbags, backpacks, and wallets, not to mention a few key chains, belts, and even some shoes, all of which could complete any fall look. Just be sure to shop before this sale falls out of style.

Ultimate boho brand Free People’s effortlessly cool, vintage-y styles don’t come without some heavy lifting on the part of your wallet. But today, flower children should head over to Nordstrom Rack, where Free People clothing and athletic apparel is marked way down. Move quickly, since free spirits will likely buy up this stock faster than you can say, Coachella weekend 1 passes with car camping included.

To kick off the week, HauteLook is offering up a taste of Tarte Cosmetics for less than usual. For the next few days, makeup lovers can save big on several of the brand’s beloved palettes, along with brush sets, lip sets, mascaras, and more. It’s a good lookin’ sale if I’ve ever seen one.

The Dead Sea in Israel is known for its supremely salty water and mineral-rich mud; anyone who’s ever visited the site has likely slathered themselves in the stuff. And now, the Israeli skincare company that has bottled the uniquely nutrient-filled Dead Sea dirt is giving it away at a discount. All Ahava products currently on sail—er, sorry—sale at Ulta right now, with 25% off. Test out the Dead Sea Purifying Mud Soap, which sounds counterproductive, but isn’t; stay smooth with Mineral Hand Cream; or hydrate using one of the many lotions infused with Dead Sea botanicals before this deal is dead in the water.

Your (probably gross from being in sandals all summer) feet could use a little love. So soften those things up with Baby Foot, the OG foot peel that put your gag reflex to the test when it went viral a few years back. Right now, this disgusting-yet-satisfying product is on sale for $20, that’s $5 off its usual price. But really, can you put a price on making your feet shed dead skin like a snake over the course of several days? I think no.

Well isn’t this lucky: Bohemian-cool retailer Lucky Brand is offering up a sitewide sale just in time for fall: All full-price styles from the retailer is 40% off—not to mention, sale styles are an extra 50% off. So take advantage of this blowout to add to your supply of good jeans, vintage-y tees, shoes, and plenty of other summer styles. Don’t press your luck by waiting too long, though; this sale will be over by tomorrow.

Target REDcard | Sign up before 9/28 to receive $50 off a qualifying $100 purchaseTarget REDcard | Sign up before 9/28 to receive $50 off a qualifying $100 purchase

If you ever shop at Target, you should have a Target REDCard. It comes in both credit and debit forms, and both save you 5% on almost everything Target sells. But if you want a little added incentive to sign up, if you get the card between now and September 28, Target will send you a $50 off $100+ coupon in the mail. It has a few restrictions, and expires on November 16, but Target sells an awful lot of stuff, so you should have no trouble using it.

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Stay in the Black by Saving 5% on Everything with Target’s REDcard

Most retailers offer custom credit cards that confer special benefits at the store, but Target’s…

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The best part of the REDCard: You don’t have to carry it. You can link it to the Target app on your phone, and use that at checkout at any Target store.

One of these days, AA and AAA batteries will be relics of the past, but in the meantime, you might as well get them cheap. These AmazonBasics batteries aren’t rechargeable, but when you clip the 30% coupons, they work out to just a few cents each.

Velcro cable ties are an essential part of any home theater, desk, cable drawer, or travel bag, and the multicolored ones can make it easier to track various wires over long distances. Get a pack of 60 for just $13, within a few cents of an all-time low.


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It didn’t take long for true wireless earbuds to go from high-priced status symbols to affordable Amazon commodities, but here we are. TaoTronics’ SoundLiberty 53 headphones feature IPX7 waterproofing, five hours of battery life (and 40 if you include the charging case), and perhaps most impressively of all, Bluetooth 5.0 for a stable connection.

They’re a solid package for the usual $45, but for $30 (with promo code KINJA78B) it really might be time to cut the cord for good.


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An essential tool for anyone who ever dabbles in electrical work, Sperry’s outlet tester uses a series of three lights and an easy-to-read chart to make sure you avoid any shocking surprises. At under $6, it’s within about $1.50 of the best price we’ve seen, but when it’s lower, it’s usually as an Add-On Item. Today’s deal, by contrast, is eligible for Prime Shipping all by itself.


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Fisher Space Pen | $7 | AmazonFisher Space Pen | $7 | AmazonGraphic: Shep McAllister

There’s an old joke that NASA spent millions developing a pen that could write in space, and the Russians used a pencil. Whatever, it was totally worth it. Amazon’s selling the official Fisher space pen for just $7 right now, the best price Amazon’s ever listed. Now, you too can write in zero gravity, in sub-zero temperatures, or even under water.


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We haven’t seen much in the way of deals on the new Nintendo Switch with drastically improved battery life, but if you buy it from Walmart right now at MSRP, they’ll throw in a bonus Ematic wired controller for free. That brings you one step closer to throwing an awesome Super Smash Bros. party.

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Nintendo Releasing New Switch Model With Better Battery Life

This August, Nintendo is releasing a new Switch model with a longer battery life. It will be priced …

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a deceptively expensive game, since you’ll have to budget for some CBD gummies to keep yourself calm, or failing that, for a new TV after you throw your controller through your current one. That being said, the game by itself is down to $40 on PS4 and Xbox One today.

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice: The Kotaku Review

In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the thread between life and death is tenuous. As the One-Armed Wolf,…

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From Kotaku’s review:

The player quickly becomes the butt of that joke, as Sekiro is punishingly difficult. (This should be shocking to roughly no one, given that it’s made by From Software, developer of the infamously challenging Souls games and Bloodborne.) The combat requires real attention to detail and a willingness to drill down on a few sets of possible reactions. Boss and mid-boss battles are a furious interplay of choreographed patterns mixed with improvisation. First you learn an enemy’s moves; then, maybe five or 10 deaths later, the real battle begins. Learning the early boss Lady Butterfly’s attack patterns is that much more satisfying because the presentation is excellent. She moves like a dancer, and her attack animations tell a story.

I found myself deeply immersed in the way these battles worked, obsessing over each animation, every cue, every possible breakaway combination that could happen as a result of my own reactions. Combat in Sekiro is like a dance, but it’s also like a series of the fastest-ever choose-your-own-adventure branches: Parrying this leads to a thrust. Not blocking leads to a sweep. With the addition of shinobi prosthetics and skills, all of which can be upgraded via skill trees, the options open up immensely. As stubborn as Sekiro is in forcing players to learn how each enemy telegraphs its moves, there are still lots of ways to approach each encounter.


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Before another commenter yells at me “it isn’t even Halloween, enough Christmas stuff,” sorry friend. LEGO doesn’t care. Christmas shopping starts right now. The LEGO Stars Wars Advent Calendar is 280 pieces and includes 24 mini-figures, like Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, a Porg, and more. The LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar is 305 pieces and includes seven mini-figures (obviously that includes Ron, Harry, and Hermione).

Both calendars are a couple of bucks off today, so you’ll want to get them now before they jack up the price for Christmas.


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Your car is a great place for a wireless charger, but if you use GPS, audio streaming, and crank your screen to full brightness while you drive, a 5W Qi charger might not quite keep up with your device’s battery drain.

Enter Anker’s PowerWave, one of the first Qi car mounts to support 7.5W wireless charging for iPhones, the maximum possible speed. It also supports 10W charging for compatible Android phones, though that’s less rare. The catch is that you’ll need a Quick Charge USB car charger to power it, and it’s not included. If your current charger doesn’t include Quick Charge, you can pick up this one for just $11.


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Your Car Is the Best Place For a Wireless Charger

You probably don’t think much of plugging in your smartphone every time you get into your car, and…

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If you have any old SSDs lying around, this SATA to USB 3.0 cable can turn them into speedy external drives, with no tools required. Sure, there are plenty of enclosures that will do the same job, but I think it’s kind of cool to be able to see the label of the SSD.


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AirPods had their “they look stupid” phase in The Discourse, and then for awhile, they were a meme for wealth. Now, I think they’re just headphones; as invisible as any other headphones. And they’re pretty good ones at that.

In terms of size, fit, and fidgetability, the gen 2 AirPods are the same AirPods that you know and begrudgingly love, but with an upgraded chip that provides Bluetooth 5.0, faster switching between devices, hands-free “Hey Siri” support, and longer battery life when talking on the phone. $169 is a $30 discount, and the best price we’ve seen on the version with the wireless charging case. Don’t need the fancy case? The standard model is also on sale for $144, a $15 discount, and also an all-time low.

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The New AirPods Are Fine

The conversation is getting old. You know, the one about how Apple isn’t innovating with new…

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Shorts season is coming to an end, but if you want a break from the typical fall jeans when you’re out and about, you can save $20 on Proof’s popular Nomad Pants today at Huckberry.

Made from Japanese Toray twill, the Nomad Pants offer more stretch and comfort than a typical pair of chinos, and a hidden zipper pocket with enough space for a passport makes them great for travel. Grab them in five different colors for $78, with free shipping.

Minecraft has been available on the Nintendo Switch eShop for awhile, but if you prefer physical copies, or just want to save a few bucks, you can get it from Amazon today for just $20. The Switch version can play online cross-platform, and includes a bunch of Super Mario-themed skins and goodies as well.


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Iced coffee is a brilliant way to sell people ice for the price of coffee (which is mostly water to begin with). Cold brew on the other hand is a different process that results in less acidity, among other benefits, and you can do it yourself at home with this top-selling Takeya, now down to $16 on Amazon after you clip coupon on page, within about a dollar of an all-time low.

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Bestsellers: Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Iced coffee is a brilliant way to sell people ice for the price of coffee (which is mostly water to …

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This non-coffee drinker bought one of these a couple years ago, and I loved the thing (though admittedly, I have since upgraded to the OXO alternative). All you have to do is fill the basket with ground coffee, fill the container with water, and let it steep overnight in the fridge. The resulting coffee concentrate needs to be watered down, so one batch should last you several days.


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Some people can’t live without their coffee, but for me, it’s fizzy water and diet cola, which is why my SodaStream is one of my most cherished possessions.

Today on Amazon, you can get a SodaStream Jet from Amazon for just $60, complete with a free full-sized CO2 canister, and a carbonating bottle to get you started. I’ve owned one of these for years, and it’s paid for itself many times over.


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When you buy a new car, you may be given the option to install accent lighting for, like, $300 or so. Don’t do that.

But for $12? Sure, why not? Use promo code WUVEEVAA at checkout to get this Govee interior lighting kit for $7 off. It can display 32 colors, it has a built-in microphone to (optionally) pulse along with your music, and it includes four light strip sections to go under four different seats. Just plug it into a USB port, and don’t lose the remote!


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Have you been looking for a pair of pants that are stylish enough to wear to work, but also comfortable enough to wear to the gym? Meet the All Day Every Day Pant from Public Rec. The pants are crafted for men on the move, as an alternative to sweatpants, but a more comfortable option than jeans. Right now, you can get 10% off your order when you use promo code KINJA10.

If you’re looking for something a little dressier, though I will concede and say the Every Day Pant isn’t slouchy, the WorkDay Pant might be a better fit for you. If you want to get both or a pair of joggers, the promo code applies to your entire cart (one time only). Public Rec has free shipping and free returns on their orders.

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Men: Safely Wear Sweats Outside with Public Rec

Encouraging men to wear sweatpants “all day every day” is a dangerous game, but Public Rec nailed…

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Super Mario Maker 2 has enough Nintendo-crafted Mario levels to be worth its $60 MSRP, and the endless ecosystem of player-created levels is one of the most creative spaces in all of gaming. If you were holding out for a deal though, you can grab a copy on eBay today for $47.

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Super Mario Maker 2: The Kotaku Review

There’s more to Super Mario Maker 2 than just making Mario. It’s got a story mode, for instance,…

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Player Makes Duck Hunt In Mario Maker 2

They say legends never die, so it makes sense that Duck Hunt seems immortal. The NES Zapper classic …

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A Mario Maker Level Where Mario Has Post-War PTSD

Oh, you’ve been playing nearly impossible kaizo levels or 20-second speedruns? Sounds great. Me, I…

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Anyone that charges their phone wirelessly knows that having one Qi charger in the house isn’t enough. No, you want them on just about every horizontal surface, so that you can ABC (Always Be Charging).

Anker’s PowerWave stands hold your phone at a good viewing angle, support 7.5W iPhone charging (with a Quick Charge wall adapter – not included), and are only $15 each when you buy a two-pack today. Just use promo code KJEB2524 at checkout to get the deal.


From amazonUse code KJEB2524

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Love Alexa, and wish you could take her with you on your commute? Anker’s running the best deal ever on their hands-free, Alexa-enabled car charger today after you clip the 11% coupon (the list price is already a significant discount from its usual price, as it stands)

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Anker Made the Echo Dot For Your Car

The Roav VIVA is the latest gadget from Anker’s Roav smart driving line, and it’s basically an Echo …

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You can check out my full impressions here, but the Roav VIVA from Anker does an admirable job of providing hands-free Alexa access while you’re driving, including turn-by-turn directions, your daily briefing, and even third party Alexa apps like Jeopardy. As befitting an Anker product, it’s also a dual port car charger, albeit an awkwardly designed one.


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Back in March, Private Internet Access (our readers’ favorite VPN service) raised its prices for the first time ever. And while our readers can still get an exclusive 3-years for $99 plan, they just lowered their other plans back to their old prices for a limited time.

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The Best VPN, According to Our Readers: Private Internet Access

VPNs are a hot topic these days, and our readers made it abundantly clear that Private Internet…

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The reason this is a big deal is that you can renew your membership as many times as you want at whatever price you originally paid. Once the prices go back to normal, you’ll still be locked into the lower rate.

Here are the new (old) promotional prices, along with what you’d normally pay:

1 month: $6.95 (down from $9.99)1 year: $39.95 (down from $71.88)

Clearly, the annual plan is the sweet spot here if you don’t want to commit to the three-year plan, but $6.95/month for 10 simultaneous connections, clients for just about every conceivable device, and servers in 32 countries (foreign Netflix, anyone?). We aren’t sure when the prices will go back up, so you probably want to lock in your account ASAP.