The Glow Up Gets a Touch of ‘Power’ With Coloured Raine


Photo: Maiysha Kai

Editor’s note: No matter how fresh, fly, or uncracked our black, occasionally everyone needs a makeover—or a “refresh,” as it were. For instance, The Glow Up’s weekly “Big Beauty Tuesday” feature, while a fantastic showcase for black-owned and helmed brands, proved more a restrictive format than anticipated—namely, it both forced us into reporting on a designated day of the week, and constrained us to one post a week—and we all know life doesn’t always adhere to a schedule. With that in mind, the feature formerly known as “Big Beauty Tuesday” is now rebranded as “The Glow Up Gets…” and may show up weekly, biweekly, or as the mood strikes us. But regardless of the timing, we’re back, baby!

Fun fact: I’ve never watched an episode of Power. *cue shock and awe* Not that I have anything against Starz’ hit show, currently in the midst of its final season (and yes, I have Starz); I just haven’t gotten around to it yet (yes, I know It debuted in 2014). Besides, now that we’re in the final stretch, I figure I should just wait and binge the whole thing, right? (Right?)

But I am very well-acquainted with makeup; so much so that when the black-owned and notoriously pigment-rich Coloured Raine Cosmetics reached out to let me know they’d collaborated with Power TV on the aptly named Power Collection, my interest was piqued…until the 16-piece collection arrived in my mailroom.

Then, I was overwhelmed with the possibilities.

One nine-shade eyeshadow palette ($29), four highlighter/blush duos ($25 each), three lip glosses ($15 each), three matte lipsticks ($17), and four liquid glitter toppers ($20 each)—all with coy names like “Damage Control,”
“Deception,” and “Betrayal.” Add to that a 96-pan magnetic palette ($45) to load with all the additional Coloured Raine single eyeshadows your heart desires ($6.99 each), and where could I possibly begin? Frankly, I wasn’t sure, so after staring at the collection for a week, I packed the whole lot and brought the Power Collection as my sole makeup (save foundation and mascara) for New York Fashion Week.

Being the eyeshadow junkie I am, I started with the Power palette, which offers nine saturated hues ranging from the deep burgundy of “Testify” to the iridescent pinky-lavender “Legacy—and my personal favorite, the metallic violet “Truth.” Starting with the infinitely wearable “Alibi” (described as a “foil eggplant with silver pearl”) and a hint of the highlighter from the “My Day One” duo (and using a light swipe of the blush on my cheekbones), I took the colors out for a test drive, finishing off the look with an “Implicated” matte lip (an instant favorite).

Photo: Maiysha Kai

Inspired by the rose-plum tones of “Implicated,” a few days later, I pre-gamed and struck a pose in my hotel room, blending “Snitch,” “Testify” and “Respect” for a dramatic eye look perfect for a night out at one of the week’s countless post-show parties. While it didn’t read as I’d hoped In my selfies, I swiped a surprise under my eye with the electric purple “Truth,” which added a little fun to an otherwise sultry eye look.

Photo: Maiysha Kai

As the week wound to a close, I found myself at the Gucci/Saks party, where I got to test the collection’s endurance in the packed and steamy nightclub that was The Box. Opting to switch it up a bit, I put down “Implicated” in favor of another lip color, trying but ultimately shying away from the glitter toppers (I’m in my 40s, y’all; I gotta work up to it). Instead, I landed on the gorgeous rose gold shimmer of the Power Collection’s “Distro” lip gloss—which again, didn’t read on my selfies as beautifully as it did in person, but garnered me several compliments. To keep the glow going, I used the “Damage Control” duo to highlight and give me a subtle flush and swiped “Revenge” (a “duo-chrome pink with gold shifts”) and “Alibi” over my lids.

Despite the heat, my makeup kept its cool; it hadn’t budged by the time I returned to my hotel, exhausted.

Photo: Maiysha Kai

It’s now been two weeks since I’ve returned from New York, and I haven’t put the Power Collection down yet—and I still haven’t even gotten through half of it! All that to say this collaboration is more than strategic marketing; it’s a keeper. But it’s also limited edition, which means if you want to wear a taste of Power, you should get over to Coloured Raine’s website to scoop up some of these shades before they sell out (and as Coloured Raine’s cult following can tell you, they do sell out). In the meantime, enjoy the final season of Power; I’ll catch you in binge-land!