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GBN Contributor Marlon West is back once again with an excellent curation of songs that help define the breadth of music and culture of the diaspora. This week’s focus is a playlist that mixes genres but is tied together by the concept known as “Afrofuturism.

In Marlon’s words:

“Hope this Monday finds you all staying safe, sane, and kind. Here’s another playlist from your friend and selector, Marlon. Afrofuturism addresses themes and concerns of the African diaspora through technoculture and science fiction. Afrofuturist ideas been explored though literature, visual arts, film, and of course music. Hope you dig this a playlist of artist working in that mode from the 1950s to the present-day.”


(FB: marlon.west1 Twitter: @marlonw IG: stlmarlonwest Spotify: marlonwest)

Marlon West (photo courtesy Marlon West)

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Source: https://goodblacknews.org/2020/04/20/music-monday-weekly-playlist-from-gbn-afrofuturism-from-prince-sun-ra-janelle-monae-parliament-and-more-listen/


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