Drunk driver leaves crash scene in crash with BMW’s BMW 328i 1


Drunk driver leaves crash scene in crash with BMW’s BMW 328i 1.2T


The driver of a car deliberately veered into a road pile-up involving a BMW 328i and a motorcycle has been charged with causing a collision.

A witness said the driver took a wrong turn and, while turning left at the edge of a road, took a right turn on the wrong side of the road.

He was not injured.

Inspector Peter Richey told the court the car had driven into the road while turning left at the bend and there was no way to avoid it.

“When the vehicle came through the intersection, it caused a collision with the motorcycle,” Inspector Richey said.

“The result has b우리카지노een two injuries, including one man with an amputated leg.

“The court heard the vehicle, with the motorcycle still inside it, was driven in an unsafe manner in a matter of minutes by the driver of the BMW 328i.

“The defendant, being under the influence of alcohol and under the influence of drugs, chose to engage in an unwise activity and the incident happened.

“The defendant was intoxicated and the driver did not pay sufficient attention to the consequences to his actions and went in an unwise manner.”

Bikes registered

The court heard the BMW 328i which came off the road was registered to A.G. Saldanha.

When the BMW driver got out of his car and looked around, he noticed two of the three bikes had been left in the front of the bus which was being driven by the man.

While looking at the bikes, the defendant saw우리카지노 a light turn from green to red, and then changed direction and went straight into the oncoming traffic.

A bike rider who heard the impact said the police officer looked behind him when he ran and tried to stop the BMW from turning.

Detective Peter Saldanha told the court this was “a trajarvees.comgic event”.

He said the officer, who did not have his protective equipment with him, thought he was going to get injured if he did not stop.

Detective Saldanha, the driver of the BMW 328i in which the BMW driver is charged, admitted he had not been wearing his seatbelt and admitted the officer acted with “bad judgment”.

He was fined $400 for a broken front tyre.

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