Minister promises decision soon on glendale police hq


Minister promises decision soon on glendale police hq

The province is promising to take up the issue of Glendale Police Department’s use of militarized units following questions from the public and criticism of how officers have dealt with protests in Phoenix.

Glendale Chief Scott Spears said he will make the decision on whether he will buy a department vehicle when the police union delivers a written complaint to Phoenix police chief Greg Suhr.

There have been at least nine fatal shootings, including the shooting death of 23-year-old protester Jason Russell-Ramsayer on Sunday, the latest in Phoenix where violence and protests have flared in recent weeks following the police killing of 43-year-old Brian Secreto.

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Glendale police have been used in several similar shootings, although some of the more recent ones involved officers carrying guns while on routine business.

Steven Leitz, president of the Arizona Federation of Police Associations, said he doesn’t see how the use of militarized units on ordinary people during demonstrations or street blockades can be in compliance with human rights standards.

“How can you use a force that violates the international and domestic legislation as they apply in law enforce더킹카지노ment to a protest in Arizona? It’s insane. It’s dangerous,” Mr. Leitz said, adding that there has been a “conversation among police officers in our profession … where people are saying this is necessary, these are the kinds of things we will do.”

Glendale police chief Greg Suhr declined to comment, but said in a written statement Monday: “We take all concerns of the residents, community and members of the police union seriously.”

Phoenix mayor Greg Stanton said the issue would be “a major issue” for the city.

“I think it has become part of what we do here in Phoenix, in how we en우리카지노force the law, in how we communicate the information to the community,” he said. “It’s about the use of force, what kind of force we use on each of those events and also on other people in the community that we’ve seen in the past.”

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Mr. Stanton said his police department wants to address the concerns raised in the complaint. He would like to use SWAT and deploy as many office우리카지노rs as possible if it helps solve the crisis. “At times we have to use force, in the public domain,” he said. “Some of the people that I’m aware of have been shot in the street for hours; som


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